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Configure an Object Selector

The object selector style adds a Browse button to a field. Users can click the button to search for and select an object to populate the field.

The object selector can be applied to fields for single value or multivalue attributes.

To Configure an Object Selector

  1. Edit a profile screen definition.
  2. Add an additional field to the profile screen by using the controls below the list of fields.
  3. Click the right arrow icon to open the Field Properties dialog for the attribute that you are adding.
  4. Specify values for the following fields:
    Attribute Name

    Select the attribute that is associated with the field.

    For example, if you are configuring the field that specifies a user manager, select the attribute in the user store that stores that information.

    Note: If you are configuring a field for an attribute that stores multiple values, be sure that the attribute is defined as multivalued in the directory configuration file (directory.xml). See the Configuration Guide for more information.


    Select the Object Selector style.

    Object Type

    Specify the type of object that the user will search for. For example, if you are configuring an object selector for the Manager field, select the Users object type.

    Restrict to Single Value

    Allows administrators to select only a single value when they search for an object.

    Note: This option is available only when you specify a multi-valued attribute in the Attribute Name field.

    Display attribute

    Select the attribute of the selected object that is displayed when the value is selected.

    In the Manager example, select Full Name or User ID so that users can easily identify the manager.

    Note: The unique identifier of the object is stored in the attribute.

    Search Screen

    Select the search screen that administrators use to search for the object.


    Specifies the number of items to show in the list box.

    Note: This field is available only when you specify a multi-valued attribute in the Attribute Name field.


    Select the default object that CA IdentityMinder uses when no other object is selected.

  5. Click Apply, then click OK to return to the Select Screen page.

    CA IdentityMinder adds the object selector to the field that you edited.

  6. Select the tab that you edited and click OK.

    CA IdentityMinder saves the changes to the screen.