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Use Case: Checking for Offensive Names

When a new user is created, you may want to check if the username is offensive. The following process outlines how to check for offensive names using a Policy Xpress policy.

  1. Be sure that the appropriate fields in the Create User task's profile screen are set to Validate on Change = Yes.
  2. In Policy Xpress, create a policy of type 'UI'.
  3. Under the Run at Events tab, select the State 'Validate on Change' and the Create User task.
  4. Create the following data elements to check the first name:
  5. Create similar data elements as in Step 4 to check the last name.
  6. Create an action rule as follows:

    This rule will force the user to change the name before submitting the Create User task again.

  7. Create a similar action rule as in Step 6 for the last name.