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On-Screen Attribute Validation

In addition to the defined triggers (policy types), Policy Xpress can also listen to validation on attributes. This allows you to create policies that can run when an on-screen attribute that has been flagged as “validate on change” is updated.

This functionality can be used for creating dependant drop-down lists. For example, if there are two drop-down lists on the screen, Policy Xpress runs when the first drop-down option is selected, then sets the values for the second drop-down list based on the option selected in the first. An unlimited number of drop-down lists and other screen refreshes can be done. This differs from Select Box Data by allowing the drop-down options to be populated using any logic, rather than importing an XML file of static options.

Another use is populating other attributes based on the value of one attribute. For example, when an administrator selects a department, Policy Xpress can automatically populate other attributes, such as a department manager, a department number, and a HR Dept Code. This replaces the need to write logical attribute handler custom code.

To configure validation with a Policy Xpress policy

  1. In the User Console, modify a task's profile screen and select the field you want to listen for.
  2. Access the field's properties and select Yes in the drop-down list for Validate on Change.
  3. In Policy Xpress, create a policy of type 'UI' .
  4. Under the Run at Events tab, select the State 'Validate on Change' and the task you modified in Step 1.