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Add Other Managed Objects in a Structured Attribute Display

In some cases, you may want to add other managed objects to a structured attribute. For example, you may have a structured attribute in a user profile that lists SAP roles and a start and end date for when users can use those roles.

To configure support for this use case, you add a structured attribute display table as described in Configure a Structured Attribute Display, and then configure additional fields that allow you to search for and store information about another type of managed object in the structured attribute.

When this support is configured, CA IdentityMinder displays a search screen that allows users to search for and select managed object values to add to the structured attribute.

To add managed objects to a structured attribute display

  1. Configure a structured attribute display.
  2. Specify the following fields, as needed:
    Object Field

    Select the field that contains the reference to the managed object. In most cases, this is the unique identifier for the managed object.

    Object Type

    Select the type of object that contains the values to add to the structured attribute.

    For example, to add SAP roles to a structured attribute on the user profile, you would select the SAP roles object.

    Object Attribute (optional)

    Select the attribute of the managed object that will be used to populate the Object Field.

    This attribute is only needed if the field that contains the reference to the managed object is not the unique name for the managed object. If no value is provided for this field, the unique name is used.

    Search Screen

    Specify the search screen that users see when they click the Add button to add additional values to the structured attribute.

  3. Click Apply, then click OK.