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Default Admin Tasks

CA IdentityMinder includes a set of default admin tasks and roles, which are added to CA IdentityMinder by importing a Role Definitions file in the Management Console. When you create an environment in the Management Console and you choose to create the default roles, CA IdentityMinder imports a Role Definitions file automatically.

Note: To support some functionality, such as account management for certain endpoint types, you may need to import additional Role Definitions files to create the roles and tasks you need.

In most cases, you can use the default tasks as installed. However, you may need to modify the Profile tab in the default user tasks, such as Create User, Modify User, and View User. The Profile tab includes all of the fields that are defined for the user object in the directory configuration file. You may want to limit the number of fields that appear on the tab, or change the field display properties.

Note: We recommend that you create a copy of a default task to modify, instead of modifying the default task directly.