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Configure the Inbound Administrator

Inbound synchronization keeps CA IdentityMinder up to date with changes that occur in the provisioning directory.

To configure CA IdentityMinder environment for the Provisioning Server, you must create a CA IdentityMinder user account as an inbound administrator to work with the inbound synchronization.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the CA IdentityMinder environment with the System Manager role.
  2. Click Users, Manage Users, Create a User and create a user. For example, inbound user.
  3. Click Admin Roles, Modify Admin Roles, and select a role that contains the tasks you use for synchronization.

    Note: If you have not modified the default synchronization tasks, use the Provisioning Synchronization Manager role.

  4. Click Members tab, add a member policy that includes:
  5. In the Management Console:
    1. Select the Environment.
    2. Select Advanced Settings, Provisioning.
    3. Type the Organization for Creating Inbound Users field if the CA IdentityMinder directory includes an organization.

      Note: This organization is where users are created when inbound synchronization occurs.

    4. Type the Inbound Administrator field with the User ID of the user that you created in Step 2.
    5. Click Validate to confirm that the User ID is accepted.

      Note: You can modify other fields on the screen as required. For more information about each field, click the Help button on the screen.

      You have now configured the inbound administrator.