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Configure Dynamic Field Display Properties

You can configure CA IdentityMinder to hide and show, or enable and disable a field on a profile screen based on the value of another field on that screen.

To configure dynamic field display properties

  1. Edit the profile screen.

    CA IdentityMinder displays a list of fields configured for the screen.

  2. Add the field for which you are configuring dynamic field properties, if necessary.
  3. Click the Edit icon next to the field name to edit it.

    CA IdentityMinder displays the Field Properties dialog.

  4. Enter JavaScript code in the Validation JavaScript field using the following method:
    function validate(FieldContext, attributeValue, changedValue, errorMessage) 

    The FieldContext class includes the following methods for showing/hiding and enabling/disabling a field:

    public void hide();

    Hides the field.

    public void show();

    Displays the field.

    public void hideField(String attrName);

    Hides the current field.

    public void showField(String attrName);

    Displays the current field.

    public void disable();

    Disables the current field.

    public void enable();

    Enables the current field.

    public void disableField(String attrName);

    Disables a field for a specific attribute.

    public void enableField(String attrName);

    Enables a field for a specific attribute.

  5. Click Apply, then Click OK.