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Extend Custom Attributes on Endpoints

The Provisioning Server can manage custom endpoint attributes. To enable CA IdentityMinder to read custom endpoint attributes that are associated with provisioning roles, additional steps are required.

To extend custom attributes on endpoints

  1. Generate metadata from the parser table if this connector was created before CA IdentityMinder r12.5.

    See the Connector Programming Guide.

  2. Use Connector Xpress as follows:
    1. Install metadata in the namespace node.
    2. Generate a JAR file, property file, and role definition file using the Role Definition Generator.

      For details, see the Connector Xpress Guide.

  3. Copy the JAR file to this location:
  4. Copy the property file to this location:
  5. Repeat the preceding two steps for each node if you have a cluster.
  6. Restart the application server.
  7. Import the role definition file as follows:
    1. In the Management Console, select the environment.
    2. Select Role and Task Settings.
    3. Click Import.
    4. Select the endpoint type and click Finish.