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Configure a Dynamic Organization Field

When you configure a dynamic organization field for the Create User task, CA IdentityMinder creates new users in the organization where the profile for the administrator who is creating the user exists.

To configure a dynamic organization field

  1. In the User Console, go to Roles and Tasks, Admin Tasks, Modify Admin Task.
  2. Search for and select the Create User task.
  3. On the Tabs tab, click the edit icon to edit the Profile tab.
  4. In the Screen field, click Browse to display a list of screens to edit.
  5. Select the Create User Profile screen and click Edit.
  6. Locate the Organization and click the edit icon to edit its properties.
  7. Set Style to Hidden.
  8. In the Default JavaScript field, enter the following:
    function defaultValue(FieldContext)
    return FieldContext.getAdministrator().getOrg(null).getUniqueName();
  9. Click Apply.
  10. Click the left arrow next to Field Properties to return to the screen.