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Capture Snapshot Data

If you want to capture snapshot data immediately or schedule the snapshot data export at a later time or on a recurring schedule, run the Capture Snapshot Data task. This task exports the data immediately (defined by the snapshot definition) to the Snapshot Database.

Important! Exporting snapshot data can take a long time if you have a large amount of data to export. We recommend you schedule your snapshots when exporting numerous data.

To capture snapshot data

  1. In the User Console, go to Reports, Snapshot Tasks, Capture Snapshot Data.
  2. Select Execute now to run the data export immediately, or select Schedule new job to run the data export at a later time or on a recurring schedule.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Choose a snapshot definition.
  5. Click Submit.

    Snapshot data is exported to the Snapshot Database.

Note: If the Capture Snapshot Data task seems to be taking a long time, you can check the progress of the task by going to the System tab and clicking View Submitted Tasks.