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Add a Task List

A task list is a menu of tasks that you access from a list of objects, such as a list or search results screen. Task lists allow you to view and use the tasks that apply to an object without having to search for that object each time you use a new task. For example, you can configure CA IdentityMinder to display a task menu for each role member listed on the Membership tab of the Modify Admin Role Members task. Administrators can use the task menus to manage role members without having to perform a new search for each role member.

To add a task list

  1. Complete one of the following steps:

    CA IdentityMinder displays the tabs to configure for the task you selected.

  2. Select the tab where you want to add the task list.

    Typically, this is a tab that includes a search or list screen, such as the Membership tab.

  3. Search for a list or search screen to edit by clicking Browse.
  4. Select the field for the task list from the list of fields that appear in search results.
  5. Select Task in the Style field.
  6. Click the right arrow icon to open a Field Properties section where you can configure the task list.
  7. Complete the following fields as needed:
  8. Click OK.

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