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Add a Nested Task

A nested task is an admin task that can be opened from the Profile tab of another task. Users of the first task open the nested task by clicking a link or button. For example, you can add a Delete User button to the Modify User task. If the user account is no longer valid, an administrator can click the Delete User button to remove the account without having to return to the navigation pane to select a new task.

Note: The nested task does not appear if the administrator does not have adequate privileges to access it.

To add a nested task

  1. Modify the profile screen.
  2. Select the field below the row where you want to add the nested task and click the Add button to add one row with one field above the row you selected.

    CA IdentityMinder adds a new field above the field you selected.

  3. Click the Edit icon to edit the new field.

    The Field Properties dialog opens.

  4. Select the (Separator) attribute in the Attribute Name field.
  5. Select Task in the Style field.

    CA IdentityMinder displays new configuration fields in the Field Properties dialog.

  6. Complete the following fields as needed: