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Define the JIAM Cache TTL (Time-to-live)

The JIAM Cache stores information for a specified period of time before the data expires. This period of time is referred to as time-to-live (TTL). You set the JIAM Cache TTL value (in seconds) to define how long data remains in the cache.

To gain the maximum benefit from locally cached data, you balance performance gains against timely data. We recommend a minimum TTL value of 1 day with a maximum value of 7 days. See the following table for time-to-live values to use:

Desired Lifetime

TTL Settings (secs)

24 hours (1 day)


72 hours (3 days)


120 hours (5 days)


168 hours (7 days)


To define the JIAM Cache TTL

  1. Access the Environment through the Management Console. Click Advanced Settings, Miscellaneous.
  2. Configure the User Defined Property for the JIAM Cache TTL.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Click Save.

    The User Defined Property is saved.