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Asynchronous Phase Processing

Upon completion of the synchronous phase, the task enters the asynchronous phase for execution. During this phase, a task generates one or more events. These events may be user-defined, such as creating a user profile or adding a user to a group, or system-generated, such as writing information to the audit log.

The task controller, a component of the CA IdentityMinder Server, is responsible for the life cycle of a task and its events, as shown in the following illustration:

The flowchart describes the process of Task Asynchronous Phase.

For most events, the life cycle, execution, and actions are independent from any other event. (Create tasks require the primary object’s create event to execute before any secondary events.)

Typically, an event transitions through the following states:

Note: CA IdentityMinder provides hooks, called EventListeners, that "listen for" a specific event or a group of events. When the event occurs, the event listener performs custom business logic that is appropriate for the event and the current event state. You can use the Event Listener API to write custom event listeners. See the Programming Guide for Java for more information.