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Add Page Sections

Page sections visually separate fields in a profile screen by adding a header and applying a different number of columns to part of a profile screen. The page section layout applies until another page section is defined for the profile screen.

The following sample profile tab shows two page sections.

Screen showing Image of a page separator in the Modify Contractor task

To add a page section

  1. Modify the profile screen.
  2. Select the first field that appears in the page section you are creating and add one row with one field before the selected field.

    CA IdentityMinder adds a new field above the field you selected. This field indicates where the page section starts.

  3. Click the right arrow icon to edit the new field.

    The Field Properties dialog opens.

  4. Select the (Separator) attribute in the Attribute Name field.
  5. Select Page Section in the Style field.

    CA IdentityMinder adds additional fields to the Field Properties dialog.

  6. Specify values for the following fields:
  7. Click OK to save the changes to the field properties.
  8. Click Select to choose the screen that you edited or copied.
  9. Click OK, then click Submit to save changes to the task.