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Object-based Navigation

Screen showing task lists in the User ConsoleObject-based navigation is a method that allows users to select an object and view all of the tasks that they can perform on that object in a pop-up menu. From the menu, the user can select the task that they want to use. Once the task is complete, users can select another task from the pop-up menu without having to search for the object again.

For example, to modify a user using this method, you select the Users category, then select the Manage Users task. You search for and select the user that you want to manage. In the search results, you click an icon to see a list of tasks that you can use to manage the selected user. From that list, you can select Modify User or any other appropriate task.

The following example illustrates a pop-up task menu.

Consider implementing object-based navigation when users perform multiple actions on a single object.

CA IdentityMinder includes the following default admin tasks that are configured for object-based navigation:

You can also add pop-up task menus to list and search results screens to enable object-based navigation in existing tasks. For example, you can add object-based navigation to the Modify Admin Role Members task to display a pop-up task menu for each role member. Administrators can use the task menus to manage role members without having to perform a new search for each role member.

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