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Weak Synchronization

Weak synchronization ensures that users have the minimum capability attributes for their accounts. Weak synchronization is the default in most endpoint types. If you update a template that uses weak synchronization, CA IdentityMinder updates capability attributes as follows:

If an account belongs to other account templates (whether those templates use weak or strong synchronization), CA IdentityMinder consults only the template that is changing. This action is more efficient than checking every account template. Because weak synchronization only adds capabilities to accounts, it generally is not necessary to consult those other account templates.

Note: When propagating from a weak synchronization account template, changes that would remove or lower capabilities could leave some accounts unsynchronized. Remember that with weak synchronization, capabilities are never removed or lowered. Without consulting other templates for an account, the propagation does not consider if weak synchronization is sufficient.

In this situation, use Synchronize Users with Account Templates to synchronize the account with its account templates.