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Understand Fulfillment and Revocation Actions

On the Actions tab, you define the entitlements and information - tasks, roles, groups, and attributes - to be added, modified, or removed when a service is assigned or revoked. Put simply, service actions define the actions that a service carries out.

CA IdentityMinder uses a Policy Xpress policy to define the circumstances under which Fulfillment and Revocation actions occur. CA IdentityMinder preconfigures this policy so that whenever a user requests a service, the proper conditions and data exist. The service is automatically fulfilled or revoked.

An administrator must define the actions that the system takes in fulfilling or revoking a service. For example, when creating a service, an administrator can specify that service members receive the Sales Manager admin role, the provisioning role, and the Sales group. Likewise, the administrator can specify that these entitlements are removed when the service is revoked.

Define Fulfillment and Revocation Actions for the service.