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Task Configuration Properties

Task configuration properties control display properties and certain behaviors for the task.

Task Icon Path

Specifies the URL for a graphic to use as an icon for this task in task lists.

Task Icon Preview

Displays the icon for the task, as it appears in task lists.

Suppress Task Navigation

When selected, hides the top-level navigation and task list once a user selects a task. This prevents users from navigating away from the current task until they complete required actions or cancel the task.

Target Window

When you provide a value in this field, CA IdentityMinder opens this task in a new browser window. Use this field to open a new browser window for an external task that redirects users to another website.

You can specify any name for the window.

Note: Do not use this field to open CA IdentityMinder admin tasks in a separate browser window. CA IdentityMinder does not support multiple browser windows for a single CA IdentityMinder user session.