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View Suggested Roles

When CA IdentityMinder integrates with CA RCM, you can view a list of provisioning roles that CA RCM suggests for a particular user. The provisioning roles that CA RCM suggests meet the following criteria:

Follow these steps:

  1. Execute a task in the User Console that includes the Provisioning Roles tab.

    By default, the Provisioning Roles tab appears in the Create User and Modify User tasks.

    CA IdentityMinder displays any provisioning roles that the current user already has.

  2. Click Suggested Provisioning Roles.

    A search screen, which allows you to specify criteria for the type of provisioning roles to suggest, opens.

    CA IdentityMinder displays a list of provisioning roles that meet the default search criteria, which is defined in the global default settings.

    Each provisioning role has a score, which indicates how well the suggested role meets the specified criteria.

  3. (Optional) Augment your search using one of the following methods:

    Note: The Advanced Suggestion Configuration section may not available in all implementations. Administrators can choose to hide or show this section when they configure global default settings.

  4. Select the roles that you want to assign to the user and click Submit.

    CA IdentityMinder assigns the specified roles to the user.