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Business Policy Rules (BPRs)

You can create Business Policy Rules (BPRs) for compliance checking in CA RCM. These specific rules define constraints on user, role, and resource relationships, such as if you have X resource, you cannot have Y resource.

Once you create the BPRs you need for your business compliance needs, you list the BPRs you want to apply to a particular universe in the audit properties file. You specify the audit properties file to use when creating a universe. Once specified, this file defines the audit check parameters for the universe, regardless of what CA RCM process kicks off the audit check.

When you have Smart Provisioning enabled in CA IdentityMinder, the audit properties file defines which BPRs are used for Smart Provisioning compliance analytics.

Note: When you've completed all BPRs, you should run them against the imported CA IdentityMinder configuration to be sure that the initial state of all CA IdentityMinder users meets the compliance policies.