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Define Task-Level Settings for Compliance Violations

While you can edit global defaults for all Smart Provisioning functionality, you may want to define alternate settings for a specific CA IdentityMinder task. Task-level settings override global default settings for Smart Provisioning.

To define task-level compliance defaults

  1. Log into CA IdentityMinder as an administrator who can modify admin tasks.
  2. Select Roles and Tasks, Admin Tasks, Modify Admin Task.
  3. Search for and select the task that you want to modify.
  4. Click the Tabs tab.
  5. Click the Edit icon next to the tab controller selection field.
  6. Under CA RCM Settings, select Use task settings.
  7. Complete the following fields as needed:
    Out of Compliance Analytics Level

    Determines the level of information from the CA RCM compliance analysis that CA IdentityMinder displays.

    You can set the following levels:

    • No Analytics
    • Issue Info Messages
    • Issue Warning Messages
    • Issue Error Messages

    Note: For more information about the behavior of the different levels, see Types of Violations.

    Out of Compliance Severity Threshold

    Indicates the minimum severity score of compliance violations to display. For example, if you specify 75, CA IdentityMinder only displays compliance violations that have a severity score of 75 or above.

    This setting limits the number of compliance violations that appear for the task.

    If Issue Error Messages is selected, this setting also affects which tasks can be submitted. For example, if you set the cutoff to skip errors with low scores, users can submit tasks that contain errors.

    Enforce Compliance Check on Submit

    When selected, compliance checks occur automatically when a task is submitted. Users do not have to manually select the Check Compliance button to see compliance violations.

    Note: If enabled, tasks executed by TEWS also enforce compliance checks on submit. This option does not apply to bulk loader tasks.

  8. Click OK to return to the Tabs tab, then click Submit to save the task.