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Define Task-Level Settings for the Bulk Loader Task

While you can edit global defaults for all Smart Provisioning functionality, you may want to define alternate settings for the Bulk Loader task. Task-level settings override global default settings for Smart Provisioning.

To define task-level suggested roles defaults

  1. Log into CA IdentityMinder as an administrator who can modify admin tasks.
  2. Select Roles and Tasks, Admin Tasks, Modify Admin Task.

    CA IdentityMinder opens a screen where you can search for an admin task to modify.

  3. Search for the Bulk Loader task you want to modify and click Select.
  4. Click the Search tab.
  5. Browse and Edit the Bulk Loader Search Screen.
  6. Under CA RCM Settings, select Use Task-Level Settings.
  7. Edit the following task-level settings:
    Automatically Assign Roles that Match Rule

    Determines if the Bulk Loader task uses ‘Matched Rules’ to search for roles. Any roles returned are automatically assigned.

    Automatically Assign Roles that Match Attributes

    Determines if the Bulk Loader task uses ‘Matched Attributes’ to search for roles. Any roles returned that exceed the Weighted Score Threshold are automatically assigned.

    Weighted Score Threshold for 'Matched Attributes' Analytics

    Defines a threshold for 'Matched Attributes' search results returned by the suggest role feature. For each suggested role, CA RCM returns a score from 1 to 100 percent depending on the level of attribute matching. Roles suggested with a score less than or equal to the threshold are not assigned.

    Note: Some CA IdentityMinder attributes may be more important to you than others, therefore CA RCM allows you to customize the weight of any attribute in order to provide more useful analytics. For more information about setting attribute weights, see the CA RCM Configuration Guide.

    Out of Compliance Analytics Level

    Determines the level of information from the CA RCM compliance analysis that CA IdentityMinder displays.

    You can set the following levels:

    • No Analytics
    • Issue Info Messages
    • Issue Warning Messages
    • Issue Error Messages

    Note: For more information about the behavior of the different levels, see Types of Violations.

    Out of Compliance Severity Threshold

    Indicates the minimum severity score of compliance violations to display. For example, if you specify 75, CA IdentityMinder only displays compliance violations that have a severity score of 75 or above.

    This setting limits the number of compliance violations that appear for the task.

    If Issue Error Messages is selected, this setting also affects which tasks can be submitted. For example, if you set the cutoff to skip errors with low scores, users can submit tasks that contain errors.

  8. Click Ok.

    Task-level settings for the Bulk Loader task are saved.