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Matching Attribute Resolver

This resolver works on objects of type User only. A value from any object available is matched against a field on the user object. Use the following selection to set matching attribute rule constraints:


Specifies the type of user to approve this task.

User or Object

Specifies the value that approvers will have in the attribute selected below.

Note: The value retrieved from the user or object should be an acceptable value for a search on user for the selected attribute.

User Associated with this account

Updates the User or Object Attributes field to list CA IdentityMinder user attributes instead of endpoint account attributes. The resolver works off attributes at the CA IdentityMinder user level. This checkbox applies when you select an endpoint account object, such as an Active Directory account.

Use or Object Attribute

Specifies the attribute that contains the value to use in the search for approvers.

Approver Search Attribute

Specifies the attribute that is used in the search to match the value identified above.

Note: When you set 'Approve Create User' task as a Match Attribute Resolver that works on Users, Participant Resolver, you must change the method signature for the imApprovers script on workpoint designer to point to the unique name for TwoStageProcessDefinition.