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Create Approval Tasks for Endpoints

You can create Approval Tasks for account management screens. For tasks that approve account modifications, the approval screen must be specific to an endpoint type, so that the approver can see the changed values. To create an approval task for a Create or modify task, follow this procedure:

To create an approval task for an endpoint

  1. In the User Console, click Roles and Tasks, Admin Tasks, Create Admin Task.
  2. Select "Create a copy of an admin task" used to manage accounts on the endpoint.

    The name would start with create and state the name of the endpoint type. Create Active Directory Account is an example.

  3. Make the following changes on the Profile tab.
  4. Make the following changes on the Tabs tab:
    1. Remove all Relationships tabs.
    2. Copy and then edit the approval screens on the tabs as necessary.

      Note: You may run into problems when using the account screens in an approval task and changes may need to be made to the default account screen to make them work in an approval task.

  5. Click Submit.