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Use Case: Approving Titles

Forward, Inc has a company policy that states that all managers must be full-time employees. However, Forward, Inc has recently hired many contractors for special projects. To run these special projects efficiently, some of the contractors will be given the Manager title. Forward, Inc wants to require approvals from the Human Resources Director before allowing administrators to assign the Manager title to a contractor.

To automate the approval process in these situations, Forward, Inc creates a preventative identity policy, named Manager Titles for Contractors, that detects when a user title is Manager and user organization is Contractor. Forward, Inc also configures a policy-based approval process on the Modify User task. This approval process is triggered when the Manager Titles for Contractors policy is violated.

When an administrator changes a contractor's title to Manager, CA IdentityMinder displays a warning message, and sends a work item to the Human Resources Director for approval. CA IdentityMinder does not change the contractor's title until the work item is approved.

To configure support for this use case, you complete the following in CA IdentityMinder: