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Create an Approval Task for Reverse Synchronization

You create reverse approval tasks for policies that have a Send to Workflow action. Consider the following guidelines for creating the tasks:

Reverse approval tasks are identical to approval tasks used for account changes. If an approval task for a specific endpoint type already exists, that task can be used. For a new account, an additional reverse approval tab is needed. If an existing approval task for the endpoint type does not exist, use the following procedure.

To create an approval task for reverse synchronization

  1. In the User Console, click Roles and Tasks, Admin Tasks, Create Admin Task.
  2. Select the modify task for the endpoint.

    The name would start with modify and state the name of the endpoint type. Modify Active Directory Account is an example.

  3. Make the following changes on the Profile tab:
  4. Make the following changes on the Tabs tab:
    1. Remove all Relationship tabs.
    2. Add the Reverse Approval tab if the task is to approve new accounts. Move this tab to be the first tab.
    3. Copy and edit the approval screens on the tabs as necessary.

      Note: You may run into problems when using some account screens in an approval task. If so, modify the default account screen for the tab to make it work in the task.

  5. Click Submit.
  6. If the task is for new account approvals, add the task to a role to which the approver would belong. The role defines the user scope, which is used to search for users to whom the new account can be assigned.