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Policy Xpress policies are triggered by something that happens in the system. To implement this functionality, listeners that integrate with the system notify Policy Xpress when an event happens, and provide details about the event that occurred.

The following listeners are available:


Listens for every event in the system and all the states associated with the event (before, approved, rejected, and so on). This listener also reports the name of the event to Policy Xpress. The following states are available for the Event listener:


Listens for different tasks running in the system during the synchronized state, meaning while a user still has the user interface for the task open. The following states are available for the UI listener:


Listens for workflow processes that have found approvers. This listener is useful for performing logic based on approvers, such as sending an email to the approver.

Submitted task

Listens for submitted tasks not running in the background. This listener is similar to the Event listener, however, it considers the task as a whole, instead of the task's events. The following states are available for the Submitted task listener:

Reverse Sync

Listens for notifications in the system that relate to CA IdentityMinder's Explore functionality.