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Options for the Separator Attribute

When you select Separator in the Attribute field of the field properties dialog, you can add additional components to a profile screen. The Separator attribute has the following style options:

Binary (for LDAP user directories only)

Allows you to add a binary file, such as a certificate or other document, to the User Profile screen.


Displays HTML on a Profile screen.

History Display

Displays a read-only table containing details of previous history entries in chronological order.

History entries are annotations that can be added to a submitted task. They can be added as the task moves through workflow and viewed using the View Submitted Tasks task.

History Editor

Displays a text box for entering new history entries and an optional button for submitting the new entry.

Page Section

Allows you to divide the profile screen into multiple sections, which can have a different number of columns than other page sections on the same screen.

For example, the Page Section style allows you to create a profile screen that has an initial page section with a single column, and another page section with two columns.

Picture (for LDAP user directories only)

Allows you to add an image to a User Profile screen.


Adds a blank space to the screen to visually separate a set of fields.


Adds a link or button to a different task to the Profile tab.