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Use Logical Attribute Handlers For Field Options

You can use a logical attribute to populate a list of field options. Logical attribute values (in this case, the options) are not directly associated with or written to the user store. The logical attribute values are presented in a profile screen field. When a user selects an option and submits a task, the selected value is processed by a logical attribute handler, which stores the value in the physical attribute associated with the logical attribute.

Note: CA IdentityMinder includes a sample logical attribute handler, called StateSelector, that you can use as a base for creating a logical attribute handler that populates field options. The StateSelector sample folder is installed under samples\LogicalAttributes in the Administrative Tools. The Administrative Tools are placed in the following default locations:

For information on using the sample, see the readme.txt file in the StateSelector directory.

To use a simple list to populate field options

  1. Create a logical attribute handler.

    Note: You use the Logical Attribute API to write a logical attribute handler. For more information, see the Programming Guide for Java.

  2. In the CA IdentityMinder User Console, modify a profile screen.
  3. Add a new field.
  4. Select the logical attribute that is associated with logical attribute handler that you created.

    Note: Logical attributes are indicated by a preceding and trailing pipe (|) character.

  5. Select one of the following styles:

    The fields in the Field Properties dialog change based on the style selection you make.

  6. Select None in the Source of Selection Options field.

    An additional field, Selection Options, appears.

  7. Specify one of the following values in the Preserve Non-Options field:
  8. Specify values for the remaining required fields.

    Note: For information on required fields, see the User Console online help.

  9. Click Apply, then click OK.

CA IdentityMinder saves the current field properties.